Monday, May 19, 2008

New Items from Analiese Designs

I can never be happy doing just one thing - so I am introducing a couple of new items as well as bringing back some old ones. The first new item I have in my Etsy shop is pocket mirrors. These have been made using some images I created myself and have done on Pendants. They are super cute and make a great gift as they come in a black velvet pouch. Check out my shop to see my selection of pocket mirrors.

My other new item is Scrabble (tm) tile Pendants that I recently learned how to make from Littleput on Etsy by buying her tutorial. They are a lot of fun and allow me to use paper in new ways. Stay tuned for more as I do some experimenting :)

My Strawberry Picking earrings are an old standby that I bring back every summer. They are fun to wear and perfect with any outfit. You can find more of my handcrafted jewelry along with some Vintage Jewelry right Here

Thanks and have a great day :)