Saturday, October 11, 2008

Upcoming Show - This Sunday - October 19th

Please come by to check out some great items from fabulous crafters and other great companies such as Tastefully Simple, Mary Kay and more....
Bring in a canned food item for donation and receive a free raffle ticket :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

3,000th Sale on Etsy

Thank you to all my customers for helping me reach my 3,000th sale on Etsy. It has been a wonderful ride. I will continue to make Customer service my number one priority and will continue to add new and exciting items to my shop daily. The holidays are quickly approaching and I promise to bring some great new items into my shop.

Now for the great news - from now until September 30th - I am running a sale to celebrate. Buy any 3 pendants and pick a 4th one for free!!! See my shop announcement for more details.

Thanks once again :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New For Halloween

I am adding lots and lots of new pendants for the upcoming spooky season and of course for Fall - my favorite time of year. All of the pendants photographed can be found in my shop under Polymer Clay Pendants.

I also have some great new fall and Halloween pendants in glass.

Also - check out my new Glass Earrings. I have made some of them to match my glass pendants - but they can also be purchased separately.

To see some previews of new pendants - you can visit my Flickr Page

Monday, August 4, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Custom Items in Glass

Since I have started working with Glass Tiles - I decided to expand upon my custom photo line and make them with the glass tiles. I started with a fun magnet set that would make a great gift. The listing in my shop is for 4 magnets - but I can do as many as you would like. They would also make great party favors. I can use a photograph or image of any kind.

I used the same size tile to create a pendant using a sterling silver bail. The size is a little bit smaller than my polymer clay pendants which makes it perfect for someone who likes their pendants a bit smaller and more understated. I think it is also a little more elegant and can be worn with a dressier outfit.

I can do these in color, Sepia or Black & White. I am more than happy to crop any photos or enhance them. Please take a look here in my shop to find these and more custom items.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bringing back those wonderful Etsy Artists

I have started working with several Etsy Artists again - which thrills me to no end :) I just love collaborating with such wonderful artists. I am using their images on both my polymer clay and glass tile pendants. I am still working on a bunch and will be listing them daily. Here is a sampling of what I have so far. Please visit the Artist's Shops to see more of their great work (Links are below each photo)

Ashley Spatula


Christina Perdue


Invisible Fountain

I will be adding more photos as I make some more pendants - I am working on a bunch more and cannot wait to share them - please check back soon :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Copycats

Once again it saddens me that there are dishonest people out there just trying to make a buck. 2 more sellers on Etsy who have purchased my tutorial have decided that it is OK to take this and run with it. They may have changed the words a bit and used their own pictures - but it is basically the same. Unfortunately, it is beyond my control and there is not much I can do about it. It has happened to other sellers on Etsy as well -and I think it is just horrible that people feel like they are doing absolutely nothing wrong. It must be nice to have no feelings of remorse for being a dishonest person and basically a thief. I know this will not be the last time this happens - but I hope that if you read this and you are one of these people or you are thinking of doing this - please think twice before you do this. You are ultimately stealing from someone. If you did not find this information out from my tutorial you would not be able to write your own. Does that make sense to you? It is wrong - completely wrong.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another New Item

Introducing another new item from Analiese Designs - Glass Tile Pendants. I always want to try new things and I have to say I love making these almost as much as the polymer clay pendants - they have a totally different look to them and I like them better than the scrabble tile pendants I tried. I can use a variety of images and papers that really show nicely through the glass. The tiles are nice and smooth on the edges - no chances of cuts :) I bought the tiles on Etsy and used scrapbook paper and my own images. The glass is adhered to the top of the paper and I sealed the back with clear acrylic gloss. Each pendant is finished with a sterling silver plated bail - or in one case - a hand made wire bail. I have lots more to list - so stay tuned.

I have grouped all my pendants together into different categories - such as birds and flowers or black and white.

Purchase any 3 pendants and you will receive a free silver ball chain to hang them from -they can easily be interchanged with the chain.

I am always adding new items - so please visit my shop daily :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

New Items from Analiese Designs

I can never be happy doing just one thing - so I am introducing a couple of new items as well as bringing back some old ones. The first new item I have in my Etsy shop is pocket mirrors. These have been made using some images I created myself and have done on Pendants. They are super cute and make a great gift as they come in a black velvet pouch. Check out my shop to see my selection of pocket mirrors.

My other new item is Scrabble (tm) tile Pendants that I recently learned how to make from Littleput on Etsy by buying her tutorial. They are a lot of fun and allow me to use paper in new ways. Stay tuned for more as I do some experimenting :)

My Strawberry Picking earrings are an old standby that I bring back every summer. They are fun to wear and perfect with any outfit. You can find more of my handcrafted jewelry along with some Vintage Jewelry right Here

Thanks and have a great day :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Great Mother's Day Gifts

Looking for a unique Mother's Day Gift? I have what you need - Custom Photo Pendants, your child's art, crossword pendants and even a custom photo bracelet. Mother's Day is coming up fast - so order now to insure enough time for delivery :) Check out my Customized Items Section in my shop to find more ideas. Please allow at least 7 -9 days for delivery.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Artist Spotlight - Tilley Jewels

One of my favorite jewelry designers around is TilleyJewels. Meredith is such a wonderful person and she has been a very loyal customer of mine since day one on Etsy. She takes my pendants and creates the most beautiful pieces (as seen in photo above). She is also very versatile - offering a wide variety of items in her shop. This bracelet is one of her signature pieces and it is so unique and just gorgeous.
Please take a look at her shop on Etsy to find a wide variety of items and styles - she even makes hair clips - like these:

Thank you Meredith for being such a great customer and friend - and I will forever be looking in your shop to see what else you come up with :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Etsy Craft Fair in Hamden, CT - Craftastic

For all my local friends and other Etsy members - check out this great show in Hamden, CT. I will be there along with several other very talented CT Etsy artists and crafters. You can see a list of these crafters and find out more info on the official Craftastic Website.
Please stop by to browse or to buy :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Birds, Birds Everywhere

I have been really obsessed with birds lately and I have been creating my own images using a mix of several silhouettes and backdrops. With spring on the way - I thought I would really work in those flowers and butterflies as well. If you take look in my shop, you will find many a bird pendant - if you are a bird lover or just need something for your spring wardrobe - check out my newest designs. I have also added a NEW FOR SPRING section to showcase some items that I felt would be great for the season - there is where you will find a lot of these birds hiding as well.

Friday, February 15, 2008

New Tutorial Now Available

Unfortunately, I have had a couple of bad experiences with sharing my original tutorial/technique with some fellow crafers who have now taken it upon themselves to sell it as their own. Because of this and the way we are unprotected by any kind of law, I have decided to fight fire with fire and sell the tutorial myself. These people have hurt me deeply in the fact that I was just trying to be kind and helpful only to be stabbed in the back. I can guarantee that my tutorial is the original and the people who have decided to profit from it may feel great about it - but they are dishonest and underhanded. I never wanted to start selling my tutorial out of spite - but alas I have, and I would love it if you would please take a look and have fun with it. Once you start - you cannot stop - it is my obsession and I love doing it. I hope you can enjoy it as much as I have and maybe put your own little spin on it. Thank you to all those people who have supported me through this minor crisis - it is minor in the grand scheme of things - but it did scar me a bit in believing that people can be honest and trustworthy. It will take me a while to trust again - and I hope other crafters out there read this and protect your rights. This is a bit of a rant - but I wanted to share my feelings openly and honestly.

For those of you who have asked me in the past for help in creating these pendants - I offer this to you now. If it is sold out - please check back later - I re-list it often :)

Learn How to Transfer Images onto Polymer Clay

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Feature on LilSugar - Sugar, Inc.

I was thrilled to find my "Your Child's Art on Clay" on a great site called Sugar, Inc. that is split up into categories - and my pendant is featured in the part called 'lil Sugar - Mommy's Little Helper
It is a great site- I did some exploring and there is a ton of info here. You never know - you could be featured there and not even realize it (like me) :)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Etsy Artists On Clay

I am proud to announce 2 new Artists that are being added to my Etsy Artists on Clay collection. Studio Marcy and Ashely Spatula are both very talented artists on Etsy.

Studio Marcy creates the most beautiful and whimsical glass beads. The detail is amazing and she is always coming up with fun and unique designs. You can visit her at

Ashley Spatula (love the name by the way) is a super talented illustrator who makes anything from ACEO's to Magnets and her own Hand Painted Pendants. She is super talented and her paintings are so colorful and full of life. Her work shows such expression. You can visit her at

I will be adding more pendants using their work in the near future - please make sure to check back often - I have a special section in my shop dedicated to these artists.

If you are an artist and you are interested in having pendants made with your artwork, please feel free to contact me at