Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Custom Items in Glass

Since I have started working with Glass Tiles - I decided to expand upon my custom photo line and make them with the glass tiles. I started with a fun magnet set that would make a great gift. The listing in my shop is for 4 magnets - but I can do as many as you would like. They would also make great party favors. I can use a photograph or image of any kind.

I used the same size tile to create a pendant using a sterling silver bail. The size is a little bit smaller than my polymer clay pendants which makes it perfect for someone who likes their pendants a bit smaller and more understated. I think it is also a little more elegant and can be worn with a dressier outfit.

I can do these in color, Sepia or Black & White. I am more than happy to crop any photos or enhance them. Please take a look here in my shop to find these and more custom items.

1 comment:

kim* said...

These are sweet for mothers and grandmothers, aw---!